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Skills: graphic design, budget management, public speaking, chain of command management, event management and promotion, communication with external groups, video production

When a shoulder injury ended my collegiate swimming career at the start of my sophomore year,  I needed a new extra curricular activity that I could throw myself into. Elections for the chapter's executive council were coming up, and I so I decided to run for the Vice President-Public Relations position. In addition to the wonderful opportunities that role brought such as leadership development, budget management, public speaking skills, chain of command management and more, I got to design several graphics for events or promotions we had going on.

Read on to learn about a few of the projects & campaigns I worked on during my time as VP-PR.

all sing

Every September during Rhodes' parent weekend, our chapter hosts its annual fall fundraiser, All Sing. It's more of a dancing competition than a singing competition, but every Greek organization comes together to compete in honor of Kappa Delta's philanthropy, Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA). I worked with our chapter's t-shirt chair, who had already selected a play on the well-known Sun Studios logo, to develop a customized version of it to fit our plans. I altered the theme, which was meant to be classic pop stars, to Iconic, modifying the "c" into a "K," and the "o" into the delta symbol.

With the modified logo in place, we put our PR plan into motion, hanging posters all over every academic hall door, tabling in the cafeteria to sell tickets, visiting every organization's meeting on campus to announce All Sing and answer questions, and using other mediums, such as the Rhodes Report, to spread the word.

The event was the most successful All Sing our chapter had ever had, bringing in a total of $18,500 to be donated to PCAA & bringing in over 1,000 guests, almost double the usual attendance and funds raised.


girl scout cookie sales

In comparison to other KD undertakings, it's always easy to get people excited about Girl Scout cookie sales. As such, all this project needed was a few graphics that could be distributed on posters around campus and on social media. The graphic on the left is an adapted one that the Girl Scouts distribute themselves, but the one on the right is not.

GS cookies profile 1.jpg

confidence week

Our Vice President-Community Service during my term as Vice President-Public Relations launched a new service initiative called Confidence Week. This would also be a fundraising initiative for Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA) that was to take place in the spring and feature an event each day to lead up to the finale, an on campus concert.

We worked together to develop the logo, doing a play on PCAA's own logo, which features a pinwheel as the ultimate symbol of a happy childhood, but also melded it with Kappa Delta's own logo, which is a blend of a nautilus shell and a rose. We wanted a more whimsical take on it to make Confidence Week as a whole look more carefree and casual, as compared to All Sing, which is typically has more structured involvement since it requires internal coordination on behalf of each organization.

Confidence Week Cover Photo.jpg

Shamrock the vote

In the final month of my term, the 2016 Election cycle was rapidly approaching. Part of Kappa Delta's purpose as an organization is to help its members become active and contributing members of society. In my opinion, one of the most critical ways one can do that is through voting. In addition to the nautilus shell, the white rose, and more, another KD symbol is the shamrock, so I created a play on the iconic voting campaign, "Rock the Vote," to promote voter registration and participation across Rhodes' campus. This was a non-partisan movement, but was a great way to demonstrate that our chapter promotes positive societal participation.


One of my largest and longest running tasks was to manage our chapter's image for recruitment purposes. Each year, our chapter must recruit new members to keep the chapter alive and functional, and in order to attract the members that we want and that will best fir into our chapter, we have to demonstrate that we are the right fit for them - just like how companies recruit the right candidates for available positions they have. As such, I worked with our VP-Membership to develop a public relations strategy that included an active social media campaign that would capstone into a recruitment video that would let sisters share their own Kappa Delta stories to let potential new members (PNMs) hear directly from sisters why they chose our chapter.

To view the video on Facebook, please click here.

social media branding

When I assumed the role of VP-PR, I realized that we had never had a consistent style on social media. Our profiles were all over the place in terms of the timing of our posts, the photo styles that we posted, the hashtags that we used, etc., and as such, our engagement was all over the place too. By simplifying little things, such as our Facebook cover photos or our Instagram schedule, helped us not only gain followers, but engaged followers as well. Our social media was the first thing that potential new members saw before they ever met a KD, so we had to be able to truly reflect who we were.

Jan Cover Photo.jpg
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