mary norris INTERIORS

Skills: brand redesign, website management & updates

I'm definitely biased, but my mom is one talented interior designer. She always had a knack for finding beautiful objects and finding the perfect spaces to house them in, but when she launched her own firm in 2013, we all knew she'd eventually take the Chattanooga design scene by storm.

before: patina home designs

After a few years of calling her company Patina Home Designs, however, she was looking to rebrand, and fortunately hired me in-house (literally) to help her do it. She had evolved her business from furniture rehabilitation into a full project management and design firm, and her brand needed to better reflect both who she is and the services that she provides.

Here's her original logo for Patina Home Designs.

website logo.jpg

after: mary norris interiors

We both agreed that her logo needed to be crisp, classic, but warm too - just like her designs. We agreed on a warm khaki and classic black with a sophisticated but still readable font with a custom monogram that blended her initials together for a streamlined look. Additionally, by merging the M and the N together, it created an I in the middle to represent her middle initial as well.

MNI Full name tan.png
MN - initials only 2400x1500 BLACK.jpg
MNI Full name - black.png

the website

While I did her original website too, it had been a few years and needed some updates. I changed the theme, the typography, almost every aspect of the layout, and am in the process of updating the photography. I updated her bio page with new copy and a new headshot, created a project by project portfolio page (which will be live once the photography is updated!), and created a brand style guide so she can alter her site while I'm at school and still maintain her new image.

the accessories

Since she had rebranded, I felt it was only fitting that she treat herself to some new business cards, note cards, letterhead, stickers, and a few other branded items that she could use to both promote her business and say thank you to her clients. Photos to come.

the final product

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