Memphis made

Skills: content creation, brand partnerships, photoshop & Lightroom, google analytics, html


In the fall of 2013, I had fallen into a deep obsession with blogs, which at that time, were just starting to become heavily commercialized and read by everyday people like me. I'm no fashionista to this day, but I'd always enjoyed writing and as such figured it couldn't hurt to just make a site and see what happened.

I quickly became obsessed with creating content that was honest & engaging, and although I ended up burning out after trying to balance blogging, school, and other activities, I will always be thankful to the blogging world for opening my eyes to a whole new set of skills and interests that have ultimately resulted in me creating this site in an effort to try to break into the advertising world.

Thanks to my experience creating content for Memphis Made, I learned how to pitch & negotiate my own collaborations with brands like BIC, Kendra Scott, eShakti, Brita, Phonetic Eyewear, Goody, Marley Lilley, and more, in addition to learning how to interpret site analytics, graphic design skills through Photoshop & Lightroom, what SEO means and how to increase it, and most importantly, how to manage a brand that I created from scratch.

I did not do this site design myself, but all content is created by me unless otherwise noted.

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