The Rhodes Report

Skills: Content Creation, Newsletters, Mailchimp, Event Promotion, Audience cultivation

My friend Elizabeth & I didn't start the Rhodes Report, but we've been honored to make it an integral part of the day to day lives of over half of the Rhodes College community. When we were sophomores, two seniors started the daily e-newsletter that circulated events happening on campus, the menu in the cafeteria (essential information when deciding where to use those precious meal swipes), the weather, and more. 

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When we took it over, the Report had approximately 200 subscribers. We were able to double the subscriptions within the first month thanks to intense pursuit of the incoming freshman class and increased the open rate by over 10% to an average range of 57-63% while the MailChimp industry average posts around 17%. Since then we've been able to multiply our readership again, as we're now up to over 800 subscribers. For a campus of just over 2,000 students, we're pretty proud of that statistic.

The Report relies completely on student and faculty/staff event submissions, and has become a resource for student groups and the administration to circulate news and promote various campus initiatives such as school spirit days or to things that are quite crucial such as letting seniors know that their intent to graduate forms are due soon.

We don't aim to write the way our professors want us to, but rather the way we'd text our friends about an event we heard about that they'd like to attend. We keep it informal and casual so that it maintains its for students, by students vibe. 

The Report has received praise from nearly every student who receives it, countless administrators, and parents who subscribe to keep tabs on what their kids are up to. Elizabeth & I did not create the Rhodes Report branding or website ourselves, just the past few semesters of witty commentary and content.

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